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Spiuk lang bukse m/pad

Spiuk lang bukse m/pad

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God vår og høst bukse med padding.

Like god til pendling som til aktiv sykling.

With our Anatomic pants, less is more. Their strength is in their simplicity: they’re warm, comfortable and hard-wearing. They’ll be your favourite for many winters to come.

You’ve ventured out on a winter day, but the idea of the cold might make you turn back. So we’ve made the Anatomic pants from our ErgodryWarm® fabric, to isolate you from low temperatures. And don’t worry about comfort: this inner-brushed bi-elastic fabric is soft to the touch. There’ll be no more excuses for not hitting the road in winter…


  • Winter trousers in ErgodryWarm® bi-elastic fabric with brushed interior for good heat insulation
  • 300 Line pad optimised for rides of up to 3 hours
  • Ribbed braces and openwork back for improved wicking
  • Finished with flat seams
  • Reflective strips for increased visibility and safety


Optimised fabric for sports activities in cold climates. Its bi-elastic composition possesses an extraordinary recovery ability and it does not deform with intensive use. Provides optimum compression for different muscle groups, whilst enabling correct blood circulation. Its internal brushed finish ensures unbeatable thermal stability and insulation.

Multi-filament fabric with a polyester base, optimum for practising sport in the winter. It is also very comfortable on account of its breathability, as its elasticity provides a perfect fit. Its brushed interior finish ensures optimum insulation and thermal stability. ity.

· Optimized chamois pad for riding up to 3 hours · Suitable for road as well as mountain riding · Double thickness multi-layer foam structure · Low friction bi-elastic fabric

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