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Spiuk Tamera

Spiuk Tamera

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Veldig god og rimelig all round hjelm!


The ,World Champion´s helmet is superb. And ,the one used by Le Tour de France winner. And surely ,the ,54th during the Giro is good too. But you’re looking for an attractive and reliable helmet for your excursions. You’re looking for a Tamera Evo.

The Tamera Evo always follows your pace. A good friend, happy to tag along regardless of the route: secondary roads, though the forest... it will even accompany you to work. Proven comfort. Ventilated, light and with various adjustment options. Also combines a very solid structure and multiple reflectors to improve your visibility 360º. You’ll feel safe and protected. The ideal travelling companion.


  • Recreational cycling helmet
  • For moderate-intensity road or mountain riding
  • New HB-96 ,fitting system with adjustment wheel and two height and girth positions
  • Internal architecture for better cooling air flow
  • Includes removable visor

    This product has earned EC certification, meeting the technical and quality criteria set out in the corresponding approval.

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